A Market Research agency created by experts in consumer behavior. ​

We do projects grounded in the Brazilian socio-cultural context - allowing Global brands to understand the multiple regional nuances of this country of continental proportions!

We help international brands to design the best strategic and actionable decisions

1•2•1 Insights Brazil operates in several Consumer Behavior areas, in order to bring insights that can assist brands and companies who want to establish themselves in the Brazilian market and make strategic decisions.

We are able to operate in specific gaps or develop strategies together with our clients, providing a specialized consultancy and actionable guidance, and always contextualized this according to the local culture and habits.


To reduce the distance between the international markets and Brazil, and to fill gaps that often hinder the decision-making process due to unawareness of the entire scenario where a brand, product or service operates.

We are passionate professionals! We love to add secondary data to our studies, trends and how consumer behavior varies in different scenarios, according to different regions, in a local perspective manner. More than research professionals, we are agents who identify and help disseminate local trends.



Constant updates to be in full compliance with LGPD/GDPR, ESOMAR, INSIGHTS ASSOCIATION, ABEP (national body)


Throughout the process – from briefing to results – with people who understand that each project is unique


Agile responses and adjustments throughout the projects, so recommendations can be quickly implemented 


We have a wide range of expertise in Consumer Behaviour and Service segments. When appropriate to maximize the quality and cost effectiveness of the project we opt for combined methodologies – using the latest high tech solutions available to reach out targets, especially considering consumers who are already born digital.


Our team of expert moderators make the difference!

Secondary data collected from numerous sources according to the scope of the project. Helps with the granularity of details a study needs

Online communities with high engagement level to get to know consumer practices – from their day to day life to our projects​

Online or F2F discussion groups of 6-8 participants to get different views of a specific subject. Moderated by our experts in group engagement!

Online or F2F in depth interviews conducted in a way that even the most sensitive subjects feel like a simple conversation​

We follow the consumer’s walkthrough in pre-testing websites and apps or medical instruments or gadgets- identifying bottlenecks and suggesting solutions

In addition to the manifesto speech, we spend the day and observe the elements of the consumer’s home environment

Interactive workshops with consumers/ trendsetters that encourage the imagination of disruptive scenarios

Consumers register elements of their routine of use and/or trial of products and services

Consumers themselves evaluate services according to the quality criteria established by clients

We accompany consumers on their shopping journey and evaluate decision points

Our Recruitment team consists of professionals who are experts in specific business categories

1•2•1 is strategically located at the business, cultural, and tourism heart of São Paulo, the largest city in the western world


We work with highly experienced research professionals and the most up-to-date techniques!

Collecting great data for all targets in an agile, modern and interactive way with conversational chatbots (On The Go partnership)

Understanding consumers in numerous touchpoints, providing a 360 view on how brands can in fact be more consistent throughout their presence in consumer’s lives

Collection of the respondents feedback during product/ service experiences

Evaluation and trial of concepts or products in a central location with the appropriate technology for recording and systematizing answers

Computer Assisted Personal Interviews on notebooks or mobile devices that ensure the visualization of stimuli and, at the same time, the online completion of the questionnaire

Phone Center that ensures the recruitment and consistency of answers guided by an interviewer


Apps – music streaming, video streaming, text message, kids entertainment, health program, Gadgets – TV, mobile, computer Gaming

High access to patients, physicians, nurses, caregivers, hospital teams Diabetes, Cancer, Chron’s Disease, Depression, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Asthma, Pain, Miscarriage, Obesity, Surgical/ Robotic Equipment

Equipments, auto guidance systems

Ad pre-tests, clinic, online evaluation – SUV, sedan, motorcycle, engine oil…

Soft drink, juices, meats, chocolates, biscuits, ice cream, coffee, sweetener, cereals, fast food, supermarkets

UX testing, communication, bitcoin

Makeup, dermocosmetics, sunscreen, deo, tampon, door-to-door vendor programs, pre and post communication tests

Some companies that have benefited from 1•2•1 Insights Brazil expertise


Karen Sztutman

Psychologist and Communicator by training, Researcher by profession, Student of all human behaviors and motivated by passion (…)

Ligia Talludec

Language specialist and trained qualitative researcher with over 15 years of experience in the industry, innovative thinking with  (…)

Pedro Cosi

Fluent in English, Portuguese, and advanced Spanish! He is agile and has an enormous experience

It will be a pleasure to help you!